the HHC disembowelled
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hhc_rear.jpg (48843 bytes) - rear view

 bus connector; reset/run/load buttons;
 piezo sounder & switch; serial port;
 power socket & switch

hhc_top.jpg (47143 bytes)
- top view

 two line x 20 char LCD;
 39 auto-repeat keys;
 (making the keyboard was a lot of fun!!)

hhc_side.jpg (45851 bytes)- side view

 wood is a very forgiving medium for case-building
 ...scarred, but not broken after several (unintentional)

hhc_inside.jpg (55844 bytes)- inside view
 constructed using 'Tardis' technology
 (ie. internal volume exceeds external dimensions!)...
 3 cct.  boards, keyboard, LCD display, system bus
 power supply/switch board, sounder, ...& 6 batteries

hhc_io_inside.jpg (58061 bytes)- depopulated view

 switches, bus & i/o connectors;
 display & sounder;
 board guides

hhc_boards.jpg (65626 bytes)- board view
 battery-backed RAM board (bottom right);
 CPU/LCD driver board (bottom left);
 keyboard cct. in case;
 'backplane'/switch & I/O assembly

hhc_loader.jpg (52980 bytes)- boot loader

 8 address & 8 data LEDs;
 8 data switches, read/write switch & LED;
 PC parallel-port connection